Dump trucks

Off-Highway Research offers data and analysis on international markets for rigid and articulated dump trucks through its International, Chinese and Indian Database Services, the Global Volume & Value Service and Service PLUS, Equipment Analyses from the European, Indian and Chinese ServicesCountry Analyses from the European Service and Special Reports on emerging markets.

What is a dump truck?

Dump Trucks

Dump trucks

Dump trucks feature open bodies which are hinged at the rear, with hydraulic cylinders to lift them from the front and allow material to be emptied behind the truck. Less commonly, a material ejection system may be fitted to allow material to be discharged without raising the body.

Rigid dump trucks

Rigid dump trucks have a rigid/fixed chassis and traditional steering systems.The main attributes of a rigid dump truck are its simple construction, reliability and longevity.

Articulated Dump Truck

Articulated dump trucks

Articulated dump trucks feature an articulated chassis and an articulation point directly behind the cab. These machines turn by pivoting at the articulation point known as articulated steering.

Latest news on the dump truck market

Indian dump truck market strengthens and moves to bigger machines

Sales in 2021 were the best for more than a decade and buyer preference is shifting away from relatively small machines.

Stability seen ahead in German dump truck market

The market for dump trucks in Germany reached a remarkable peak in 2019 before falling sharply last year. Sales are expected to show some improvement in 2021, with demand stabilising over the long term at around 300 rigid and articulated machines per year.

India moves to bigger dump trucks

Demand may be more volatile than other equipment types, but our detailed analysis shows a number of clear market trends.

Improvements expected in Indian dump truck market

Demand for dump trucks in India has failed to keep pace with the impressive gains in the wider equipment market in recent years. However demand for coal and raw materials is helping to stimulate sales.

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