Indian dump truck market strengthens and moves to bigger machines

By Chris Sleight |  16 June 2022

Demand for dump trucks in India can be volatile, but in 2021 the market rose to its highest for more than a decade with almost 700 machines sold.

Off-Highway Research’s new report, The Dump Truck Industry in India, said, “. Most sales in the country are made to the mining sector, and particularly to Coal India and its subsidiaries; hence the sales trend of these machines is essentially a reflection of their buying patterns.

“These companies tend to cluster their requirements for several years and invite periodic tenders for the machines that take several months to process, while often the actual delivery of machines is spread over several years. Therefore, sales in any particular year do not necessarily represent that year’s demand, and the growth of the market can be best understood by their movements over a longer time.”

Another important trend is that the average capacity of trucks continues to move upwards. This reflects a step up in the size of trucks bought in India and an abandonment of the smaller classes.

“Since 2015, rigid dump truck sales have been dominated by 51-60 tonne trucks, and by the end of 2019 the trend shifted towards the 81-100 tonne category, indicating greater usage of bigger trucks which continued even in 2020 and 2021,” said the report.

Due to the nature of the market in India and the relatively small pool of customers, dump trucks sales are expected to continue to be volatile. However, volumes are expected to be good overall thanks largely to the demand for coal for power generation.

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