Agricultural tractors

Off-Highway Research offers data and analysis on international markets for agricultural tractors through its International, Chinese and Indian Database Services, Equipment Analyses from the European, Indian and Chinese ServicesCountry Analyses from the European Service and Special Reports on emerging markets.

What is an agricultural tractor?

Agricultural tractors

An agricultural tractors is defined as a 4-wheeled or tracklaying automotive vehicle used for pulling farm equipment. The vehicle has no body apart from a cab and consists of two or more axles. The definition is typically inclusive of wheeled and crawler tractors.

The lower size limit of tractors included in Off-Highway Research’s data depends from region to region. There is no upper limit to the size of tractors covered.

Single axle walking tractors, power tillers, small tractors with a simple belt drive transmission or single cylinder engine are not included in Off-Highway Research’s analysis.

Latest news on the agricultural tractor market

Indian tractor market heading towards 1 million machines per year

The market did not slow down during the Covid pandemic, and there are many positive long-term factors which will continue to drive growth.

Deep dive on the German tractor industry

Germany is Europe’s largest agricultural tractor market and is second only to Italy in the production of this type of equipment. Our new equipment analysis examines the industry from the point of view of sales, production and also population of machines.

Long-term buoyancy in the world’s largest tractor market

Tractor sales and production in India have fallen back from the high seen in 2018, but it remains by far the world’s largest market, with strong long-term prospects.

Weakness continues in Chinese tractor market

A saturated machine population and changes to subsidies are seeing unit sales decline, although there are opportunities in the higher power categories.

Long road to recovery for French tractor segment

Despite a surge in sales last year, demand for agricultural tractors is unlikely to improve until 2019

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