What is it?

  • Data and analyst reports covering the Japanese construction equipment market
  • Five-year forecasts
  • Extensive report library & historic data
  • Researched & written by industry experts

Why subscribe?

  • Access authoritative information which is trusted by industry leaders worldwide
  • Build your strategies on expert insights and fact-based research
  • Gain a deep understanding of market structure, trends and drivers with the most comprehensive reports available
  Standard coverage
Data Content
  • Market size by equipment type (unit and US$ terms)
  • Sales by machine size class (unit and US$ terms)
  • Sales by equipment type and OEM/brand (units)
  • Production by equipment type and brand (units)
Report Content
  • Global Markets Overview
Webinars & Briefings
  • Full price
  • Full price
Support & Training
  • Video training covering access, downloads and data interpretation
Analyst Time
  • Available at a pay-per-use rate
Number Of Users
  • Up to 5


Off-Highway Research offers a data subscription package on the Japanese construction equipment market, with a blend of data and access to presentations & analyst time.


  • 17 equipment types

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