Private Client Research

When questions and research needs arise which are outside the scope of our standard services, clients can leverage Off -Highway Research’s industry knowledge, experience and expertise to commission research and consultancy services on a private and confidential basis.


What is it?

  • Custom research tailored to your requirements and budget.
  • Private and confidential - our findings are exclusive to you.
  • Research and analysis carried out by independent experts

How Do I Commission Research?

1 The Brief. Call or e-mail Off-Highway Research to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements and needs.

2 The Proposal. Based on your requirements, we will outline the objectives, scope, methods and deliverables, including personnel to be used, the cost and the timeframe.

3 The Research Programme. A senior staff member will take full personal responsibility for directing the project, and managing internal and external staff.

4 Delivery. Reports and data are provided on time and on budget.


What Are The Costs?

We do not begin any assignment before timing, fees and costs are agreed. The quoted costs are never exceeded unless, by agreement, the scope has been altered.



Unless otherwise agreed all work is strictly confidential to the client. Copyright, however, remains with Off-Highway Research.


For more information about Off-Highway Research’s Services please contact [email protected]

Why use Private Client Research

  • Answer specific questions relevant to your business
  • Leverage the in-house expertise of the largest specialist consultant in the world
  • Gain a competitive advantage through deeper, exclusive knowlege
  • Identify new markets and growth opportunities for your products


Examples Of Our Work Include:

  • Market research, analysis and forecasts
  • Buyer and end-user surveys
  • Product viability studies
  • Brand awareness, attitude and perception studies
  • Diversification and acquisition studies
  • Financial studies
  • Marketing strategy studies
  • Identifying manufacturing and distribution partners
  • Machine population studies 
  • Component sourcing strategies
  • The viability of rental in specific markets
  • Emerging market studies


Enquiring about Private Client Research is risk-free.
There is no charge for enquiries.



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