Stability endures in Swiss equipment market

By Chris Sleight |  25 April 2022

Unlike many other countries, the Swiss construction equipment market enjoys remarkable stability, according to Off-Highway Research’s new Country Analysis on the market.. Despite the events of recent years, equipment sales in the country have moved in a narrow band of 3,600-4,200 machines per year since 2017. The forecast for 2022-2026 foresees similarly consistent sales, of 3,800-4,000 machines per year.

“Switzerland is traditionally a very stable market and demand rarely varies beyond 10 per cent in any given year,” said the report, “For the foreseeable future the market will be sustained largely by the replacement programmes of the main end-user sectors and will continue to receive impetus from the Swiss government’s investment in infrastructure construction. In addition, buoyant activity in the garden and landscaping sectors will ensure a steady level of demand for compact equipment.

It continued, “The Swiss market is dominated by two product sectors, mini and crawler excavators, which together account for some 65 per cent of the overall sales volume. The relatively large population of young machines, as a result of buoyant sales during the last two years in particular, will inevitably hinder any immediate growth in the market, and demand is expected to remain relatively stagnant at current levels throughout the forecast period.”

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