Off-Highway Research databases updated

By Chris Sleight |  22 March 2024

Off-Highway Research has completed the annual update of its equipment sales and production databases for China, Europe, India, Japan, North America and South America as well as our Global High-Level sales information in unit and US$ terms, and our Customer Group Database.

The updates comprise actual sales and production data for 2023 and the revision and extension of our forecasts, which now cover 2024-2028.

Commentary on each market will be available to subscribers to the applicable regional services in our Annual Reviews of China, Europe, India, North America and South America, which are due to be published in the coming weeks. All Off-Highway Research clients will also shortly be able to download our updated Global Market Report. We are particularly proud to be able to offer an Annual Review on the market in South America for the first time, following the launch of our South American coverage last year.

Contact [email protected] for more details.




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