Improving outlook for Indian dozer industry

By Chris Sleight |  11 April 2022

Sales of crawler dozers in India have been affected in recent years by the 2019 general election – which always leads to falling equipment sales that year – as well ais the impacts of the Covid pandemic in 2020 and 2021. As a result, only 442 dozers were sold in India in 2021. This was more than in 2019, but was still one of the lower annual total seen over the last decade.

As shaky as the market has been in the last three years, the outlook is positive, according to Off-Highway Research’s newly published Equipment Analysis, The Crawler Dozer Industry in India.

The report said, “The future crawler dozer market will mainly be driven by road construction, mining activities especially coal, thermal power plants, irrigation, and hydro-electric projects. Consistent demand will come from the mining sector, BRO and Defence for road construction and maintenance. The market will expand due to the replacement of old machines in these sectors as well as some new demand arising from the increase in mining and construction activity.”

“There is an increased focus by the current government on infrastructure development which is monitoring all projects at the highest level to swiftly remove hindrances. The government has opened the mining sectors to the private investors in 2019 and auction of mines is in progress which will improve demand for crawler dozers.”

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It is believed to be the most detailed and in-depth report ever published on the subject, with analysis covering market size, market shares, market structure, production, distribution networks, equipment population, pricing, machines available and a five-year forecast.

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