Database offering restructured

By Chris Sleight |  3 January 2023

Off-Highway Research has ceased to offer its International Database Service to new customers. This product has now been replaced by separate European, Japanese and North American Database Services – the three individual components of the previous International product. However, the International Database Service remains available as a package to existing subscribers who wish to renew their subscription to this product.

Off-Highway Research managing Director, Chris Sleight said, “The splitting of our International Database Service into three separate regional products is designed to more closely meet clients’ needs. We are now offering more targeted data packages without the ‘wastage’ of having to subscribe to information on countries of marginal interest as part of a bundled package. This change also reflects the growth in our data coverage, with Poland being added to the European Database Service. We hope to add more countries and further enhance our data offering as the year progresses.”

For more information about Off-Highway Research’s Database Services, please contact [email protected]

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