Coverage of electric construction equipment launched

By Chris Sleight |  24 June 2024

Off-Highway Research has initiated coverage of six types of electric construction equipment – compact tracked loaders, crawler excavators, mini excavators, telescopic handlers, wheeled excavators and wheeled loaders. Data on global and national market sizes for these equipment types was released to clients today, along with a detailed report discussing the regional markets and the overall global picture.

In launching its coverage, Off-Highway Research has added or updated more than 20,000 data points within its database to provide not only total sales of electric equipment, but also sales by individual brands/OEMs and sales by customer type. The overall market size and the breakdown by customer type is available in both unit and US Dollar terms. In addition to the historic data, Off-Highway Research has provided a five-year sales forecast for each equipment type in each of the 27 countries it covers. Unit production of electric equipment by type is also available in the database.

Accompanying the data is a 50 page report which discusses the development of national markets for electric construction equipment, building to a global overall picture. Five-year forecasts are a feature of the report, as is detailed discussion and analysis on the basis for those forecasts.

The data and report has been added to all Off-Highway Research clients’ subscriptions for no additional fee. All clients can download the report. Data visibility is according to each client’s current subscription. For example, a subscriber to our European database would see sales and production data for Europe only, and not any other regions.

The report is available to buy for non-clients via our store. Click here for more details. However, most will find it more cost effective to access the report as part of a subscription, which would also provide access to the database as well as other benefits. Contact [email protected] to find out about our subscription packages.

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