Off-Highway Global Briefing


The Off-Highway Global Briefing will be held on Tuesday 28th September at 10.00 am EST/ 3.00 pm BST/ 4.00 pm CET. It will review global sales and production of construction equipment in 2020 and present updated forecasts for 2021-2025.


  • Chris Sleight: Managing Director, Off-Highway Research
  • Samir Bansal: General Manager, Off-Highway Research India.
  • SHI Yang: Director of Research, Off-Highway Research China

Price includes:

  • Hour-long webinar with exclusive discussion of the state of the global construction equipment industry and outlook to 2025
  • Exclusive post-event report worth US$250

Every summer Off-Highway Research issues updates of its forecasts to give a more accurate picture for the current year and hone its medium-term outlook. This webinar has been timed to coincide with that update, so attendees will be among the first to see the latest figures and will benefit from an exclusive discussion of the driving factors for the industry. The exclusive post-event report, which will only be made available to webinar attendees, will allow them to further analyse and digest the information presented.

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